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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Location. Location. Location. In business, real estate is a highly valued commodity in order to maximize your business’ visibility, separate yourself from competition, and support growth of your customer base.

In today’s ever changing digital world, location is still king, but in a different way. Rather than purchasing an ideal plot of land, businesses online compete for dominion over their digital landscape through their ranking on various search engines such as Google.

Businesses use the skills of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to consistently rank highly in searches for customers looking for products that they sell, services they provide, and information related to their field of interest. SEO is the art and science of improving your search engine visibility and making your business easy to find for potential customers.

Every business wants to be the first name at the top of the Google search page. When anyone searches something related to your products or services, it is a huge advantage to appear first. It puts your business in front of the customers first, it allows you to expand your market, and it adds a degree of professionalism and credibility that builds trust with consumers. The front page of Google during these searches is prime real estate.

In order to best serve your market, it’s important to have a strong handle on what you provide and state that information clearly and concisely to potential customers. The language on your web page should be easy to understand, but also express your product or services completely, so they are aware of all that you have to offer. It’s also vital to understand your customer’s needs and potential needs in order to anticipate how they will attempt to find businesses such as your own. Understanding what your customer will look up in order to fulfill their need is an essential part of SEO.

Clarity and anticipation are the key components to SEO success and accomplishing your business goal of being first on Google in searches related to your business.

Remember, SEO is like your business’ virtual location. SEO helps draw potential customers to your business but the content of your web page is what they see inside the store.


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